Platinum Level 

This level provides the highest level of access, business intelligence and insight to the needs of decision makers. Platinum level sponsors will recieve a series of pre-conference briefings on what is important to the CEOs attending the event and the challenges Platinum level sponsorship includes the following value add offering:

>VIP Reception >VIP Seating

>VIP Introductions

>Up to 10 Attorneys

>Up to 5 Practice Areas

>Panel Presentation

>On-site meetings


>Pre-Conference services

  + Lawyer bios (translated*)

  + Firm overview (translated*)

  + Customized Marketing Materials (translated*)

  + Video Introductions to Decision Makers

  + Conference call with Decision Makers

  + Meeting with High Ranking Official

>Business Intelligence

  + Current Challenges

  + Budget 

  + Decision Makers/Influencers/Advisors

  + Culture

  + Hot Buttons

  + Needs

  + Criteria for hiring + Pros/Cons

As a platinum sponsor the attendees from your firm will be provide with information on what is key to the decision makers and their teams will hiring outside services.


On-site meetings, assigned seating based on pre-conference business intelligence to ensure the decision makers are paired with the proper providers.


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